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Best Acoustic Wall Panels Importers & Manufacturers in India,  Delhi, Noida & Delhi NCR 

Florence Carpets, one of the best Acoustic Wall Panels importers In India, delivers the best quality acoustic wall slats in Delhi, Noida, Delhi NCR as well as India. You may call it acoustic panels, acoustic boards, acoustic baffles, or sound panels. Whatever you call it, acoustic wall panels play the same role. An acoustic wall panel absorbs sound by reducing the reverberation and echo and by mitigating background noise. You may use acoustic wall panels in the studio, music studio, meeting room, and office.

As one of the leading Acoustic Wall Panels Manufacturers In Delhi, we supply decorative acoustic wall panels also. Acoustic wall panels not only help to decorate your office rooms, but they also reduce sound problems by absorbing noise. We are not only acoustic wall panel manufacturers but also Acoustic Wall Panel Importers In India.

Beautify Your Walls With Decorative Acoustic Wall Panels in Office

Acoustic wall panels enhance the beauty of your office rooms as well as make your meetings safe and secured. By reducing noise and absorbing sound, it has proved to be secured walls. It also prevents echo. Florence Carpets, the leading Acoustic Wall Panels Importers In Delhi, provide decorative acoustic wall panels in Auditorium. In Auditorium, when conferences and confidential meetings take place, acoustic wall panels help to maintain privacy in the hall.

The different principles of good acoustics are diffusion, absorption, and attenuation. These three are included in the acoustic performance of the panels. We, Acoustic Wall Panels Importers in Noida, supply acoustic panels that follow these three principles.

Leading Acoustic wall Panels Manufacturers In India: Florence Carpets

We are not only leading Acoustic Panel Manufacturers In India but also carpet tile importers. Are you looking for the best quality carpet tiles? Are you searching the premium quality acoustic wall panels? Florence Carpets is the solution to your every search. Why will you choose us?

  • We are renowned for our premium quality products.
  • We deliver our products including acoustic wall panels at an affordable price.
  • Our customer service is very active and interacts with clients to know their issues if any.
  • We deliver our super-quality products to your doorstep.
  • You will enjoy a hassle-free journey with Florence Carpets. We will make your experience with Florence Carpets memorable.

Moderate Sound Transfers With Vertical Acoustic Wall Panels

Vertical Acoustic Wall Panels help to mitigate sound transfers in a room. It also lowers background noise to an acceptable level. Always use vertical acoustic wall panels if you want to reduce background noise and reverb time. Vertical acoustic wall panels can go a long way to lower sound transfers.

Improve Absorption Of Sound With Horizontal Acoustic Wall Panels Dealers in Delhi

Horizontal wall panels are absorptive wall panels that are used for direct absorption. Horizontal wall panels are made from sound-absorbing materials. It stops sound waves from spreading.

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Buy Affordable & Attractive Acoustic Wall Panels From Us

Get in touch with us through our website. While browsing our easy-to-use website, you will find a lot of varieties from which you can choose. Our decorative acoustic wall panels are affordable and beneficial. Try out our premium products and we assure you of a smooth journey with us.

Florence Carpets, one of the best Acoustic Wall Panels Manufacturers In India, is successful to satisfy its clients. Buy from us and you will come to us again and again.


Acoustic Panels

Acoustic Wall Panels
Acoustic Wall Panels
Acoustic Wall Panels
Acoustic Wall Panels
Acoustic Wall Panels
Acoustic Wall Panels
Acoustic Wall Panels Importers in India
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 Technical Specification

Yarn Type:  100% Polyester Fiber
Size :  2420mm * 12200mm (8’*4′)
Thickness:  10mm
Range of Colors:  Wide range of colors

  • Fire-Resistant
  • Water-Resistant
  • Termite Resistant
  • VOC Free
  • High Density
  • Acoustical
  • Tackable
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Long Life
  • Eco Friendly
  • Recycled Material