Acoustic Panel Cutting Machine

Acoustic Panel Cutting Machine

Florence acoustic panel cutting machine uses advanced oscillating knife cutting technology, which can be equipped with different cutting tools such as a pneumatic knife, oscillating knife, and beveling tool. It can be used to cut polyester fiber, fiberglass, and other kinds of acoustic panels. Compared with the artificial cutting acoustic panels, Florence CNC oscillator knife cutting machine can complete the three processes of grooving, marking, and cutting at one time.

Florence acoustic panel cutting machine adopts a Japanese servo motor with a cutting speed of 200-2500 mm/s (according to the thickness and hardness of felt panels). The CNC oscillating knife cutting machine is equipped with super nesting software and an automatic error compensation system, which can cut various soundproof materials accurately and quickly, improve material utilization and reduce production cost.

Processing advantages

Polyester acoustic panels are a common decoration material that has the function of sound insulation and beautifying living spaces. In order to meet the different aesthetic requirements of customers, felt wall panels are available in a variety of styles, patterns, and colors. From geometric plane collections to cumulus collections, template collections, Tactio collections, and more. Common colors for felt panels include deep red, moss green, subtle brown, and dark gray.
Faced with a variety of processing needs of customers, ordinary manual cutting not only has a large amount of work, many processes, and low efficiency, but also causes uneven cutting, burrs, and other quality problems. There is a need for a more flexible, efficient, and highly accurate cutting method instead of manual one.

6 advantages of using a CNC oscillating knife to cut polyester acoustic panels:

1. More flexible; polyester acoustic panels automatic cutting machine does not require a mold, just the processing data (PLT, DXF, AI format) can be imported into the system to cut, to meet the customer’s requirements for interior design.

2. Save materials; Automatic nesting software can complete typesetting quickly and accurately without manual nesting. After actual testing, using an automatic cutting machine can save more than 10% of the material compared to manual cutting.

3. Guarantee product quality; polyester acoustic panels automatic cutting machine adopts high-frequency oscillating knife cutting technology, the cutting precision can be controlled at 0.02mm, and the cutting arc edge is smooth and flat.

4. Achieve high-efficiency production; fast cutting speed, polyester fiber cutting machine adopts Japanese Mitsubishi servo motor, cutting speed is up to 2000mm/s

5. Reducing the dependence of production on labor; The operation of a CNC oscillating knife cutting machine is very simple, the requirements for workers are low, and one machine can replace 5 workers, which solves the problem of high worker costs and difficulty in recruiting workers.

6. Simplify the machining process; oscillating knives, beveling knives, and punching tools can be configured. The three processes of cutting, punching, and slotting are completed at one time without secondary processing.

Acoustic Panel Cutting Designs

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