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Best Epoxy Flooring Services: Premier Epoxy Flooring Manufacturers, Dealers & Suppliers In Delhi, Noida, Delhi NCR India

Florence Carpets, one of the best Epoxy flooring manufacturers in India, provides Epoxy flooring services in the industrial and commercial sectors. Epoxy flooring is the most suitable and modern for any industrial use because of many reasons. It is highly durable and sustainable. Moreover, its decorative and customizable features have made Epoxy flooring unique.

Our Epoxy flooring is resistant to high levels of wear and tear. We, Epoxy flooring dealers in India, supply long-lasting Epoxy flooring coating to our clients. Thus, we stand out from other Epoxy flooring dealers.

Create A Bright & Exotic Surface With Our Epoxy Flooring Coating by Florence Carpets – Expoxy Flooring Dealers in Delhi & Noida

Florence Carpets, the best wooden flooring importers in India, provides Epoxy coatings on concrete floors. Thus, the floors turn into smooth, high-performance, and durable surfaces. Our products last many years and withstand heavy loads.

To increase the brightness of interior areas, you must apply Epoxy flooring coating. You can apply it in high-traffic areas. Our Epoxy flooring offers a hard-wearing durable surface. Moreover, it is easy to install and easy to clean. It needs no layout, equipment, or tools for installation. Epoxy flooring is resistant to oil stains and water. Its chemically resistant surface makes it ideal for manufacturing plants and industries.

Our company provides anti-slip Epoxy flooring coating and so, it is safe for use. It requires little maintenance. As Epoxy flooring coating prevents wear and tear on the existing floor, it is long-lasting.

Purchase Best Epoxy Flooring Coating From Florence Carpets – Expoxy Flooring Suppliers in Delhi & Noida

Florence Carpets is one of the leading Epoxy flooring dealers in Noida. Buy from us Epoxy flooring to give your area a shiny appearance and long-lasting touch. We always supply the best quality products to our clients. For over a decade, we have been offering quality products and so, we are successful to satisfy our clients. We can meet all the requirements of our clients.

Being a renowned Epoxy flooring dealers in Delhi, we maintain quality standards. The specific features of Florence Carpets are,

  • We maintain the quality standards of all products.
  • We deliver premium quality carpet tile, wooden flooring, acoustic wall panels, and epoxy flooring.
  • Our employees are innovative and creative and so, we deliver unique designs.
  • Our customer service is active throughout the day to interact with the customers.
  • Florence Carpets provides the products at an affordable price and so, the products are for everyone.

Beautify your home, and office, working place with our superior quality products. We guarantee that you will come back to us again and again for more purchases. You will experience a smooth and memorable journey with Florence Carpets.

Florence Carpets: Leading Expoxy Flooring Manufacturers In Delhi & Noida

We are not only Epoxy flooring importers but also one of the best carpet tiles importers in India. Elevate the beauty of your home and office with carpet tiles. Carpet tiles are comfortable, smooth, anti-slip, and classic. It brings a stylish and modern look to your interiors.

Being Laminated Wooden Flooring Importers, we provide high-quality laminate wood flooring to add extra glamour to your home and office. Laminated wooden flooring is long-lasting flooring and is quite modern.

We are also acoustic wall panel importers. We guarantee sound protection in your room. You may use acoustic wall panels in the studio, theatre, music studio, auditorium, and office. You can maintain privacy in your office and room by applying sound-proof acoustic wall panels.

Contact With Florence Carpets For Bringing A Change In Traditional Flooring

Why are thinking so much about the flooring of your home and office? We have brought to you cost-effective flooring options. You can choose from our wide variety of flooring products. Contact us online soon to bring a change to your traditional flooring.

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Flooring
Epoxy Flooring
Epoxy Flooring
Epoxy Flooring
Epoxy Flooring
Epoxy Flooring
Epoxy Flooring
Epoxy Flooring
Epoxy Flooring
Epoxy Flooring
Epoxy Flooring Epoxy Flooring Epoxy Flooring Epoxy Flooring Epoxy Flooring Epoxy Flooring Epoxy Flooring Epoxy Flooring Epoxy Flooring Epoxy Flooring
                            INDUSTRIAL EPOXY FLOORING  
Applications Floor Coating
Usage/Application TRAWL
Coverage Area 10-11 SQM
Service Location All over India
Standard 2-3 MM
Thickness 1-6 MM
Industry Served Industrial
Type Polyurethanes
Country of Origin Made in India


  • Remarkable glossy finish
  • High compressive strength
  • Excellent toughness and compressive strength
  • Good chemical resistance

Application area

  • Laboratories
  • Automobile industries
  • Engineering industries
  • Hospitals
  • Airline hangers